Content Sources

Website template, as base of site: 

Calendar plugin:

Pop up plugin (used in parents area and contact form): 

Image carousel plugin (used in about page):


I also used the following image sources:

Placeholder cats 1 and 2 (as student pictures):,

Backpack fashion, used as header image:

Student pictures on sliders:,,


Website Proposal

1.0 Client Organisation

The client who I am redesigning a website for is Marina View School, a primary and intermediate school for year 1-8. Their current website is outdated and not-responsive, and hence I will create an updated, cleaner site for them. I am not going to seek permission from the school to use their current content or logo, instead I am going to rebrand the site from the ground up.




2.0 Project

Marina View School is a state primary school, and the website will be created to promote this, while also informing users who visit it. It will be very heavily information based, as those who visit will likely be visiting to find out about the school, however the site will also incorporate images of the school and students.


3.0 Site Users

Site users are likely to be in one of two categories, current parents and prospective parents.

3.1 Current Parents

Parents of current students are likely to visit the website to find out information, such as school dates, or information about their children. It is very likely they will also be visiting to get in contact with the school. Thus I will ensure that it is easy to find contact information for the school, placing it on the footer of each page, as well as dedicating a page to it. To help the school manage communications I will encourage parents to report absences via the contact form on the website, however if parents have an urgent message I will encourage them to call the office.

As we are moving to rely more on computers I am going to include a specialised parents are, where parents will be able to view specific information about their child(ren). I will include an area where children’s progress reports can be viewed online, as well as student information so that parents can check that their contact and allergy information are up to date.

3.2 Prospective Parents

Prospective parents are likely to visit also seeking information – thus I will create a dedicated place for enrollment. If the site was extended this could include a variety of pages, however I will only be including a frequently asked questions page. To ensure that I don’t overcrowd viewers with information I will put this information inside an accordian which will reveal information when clicked on the header. Additionally, I believe prospective parents would like to learn about what Marina View School stands for, thus I will include a brief summary on the home page with more information and images on the ‘about’ page.


4.0 Site Content

As detailed above the site content will be heavily information based, for users who are wishing to find out information. This will be displayed in an easy to navigate menu (unlike the current site). Images will enhance the site, and make the site more visually appealing for the user.

Content on the site will be displayed logically and clearly, as parents are busy and need to find information fast.


5.0 Site Theme

The current website follows the school colours very strictly, which I do not plan to do as heavily. I will use the blue school colour on the header and footer, but I will use white a lot on the site as well. I will use the maroon colour on hover states, but it is not the most appealing colour so I do not plan to incorporate this as much into the site, unlike the current website.

The site will be very consistent, with a header and footer on every page, as well as a header image on most pages.