Work In Progress: Week Six

So at the beginning of the week my website was looking a little like this:




And now it’s looking like this, is fully functional and responsive, and is informative.


Overall I’m pretty satisfied with the final product. I decided not to over clutter the pages with a logo, and instead just referenced the school in the menu bar. I used images of the school as header images, which I think are worth showing off as the school is quite pretty – it has a lot of garden and art, however I decreased the size from the theme as I didn’t want to put titles over top of the images. It didn’t look nice when I tried it, so I’ve got the information under the main images.


I had some differences with the footer, as I felt like the image above was over cluttering my page content, so last night I got frustrated and deleted it and have never looked back.


I’m a bit ambivalent about my home page – I couldn’t get it how I wanted and wasn’t really sure what I wanted. It’s better than the current site home page, but had I had more time I think I could have improved it, but I hit a wall creatively and am ready for a nap.

– And then, with 10 minutes until hand in was due, I edited my home page. Because logic. Now it looks like this and I am happier – 



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