Work In Progress: Week Five

This week I have begun coding (finally). I also finally ran into the logo problem, which I was hoping to put off. I don’t intend on asking permission to use content from the school, and frankly don’t find the current logo(s) super appealing so don’t intend to use either. [Pictured below].

logo1 logo2

For the design I have chosen the image needs to be wide and short, rather than a circle, so I am going to redesign a logo based on the school’s title.

But, because I plan on making the header blue I am afraid this might clash. Because I don’t like the current logo, I didn’t try to edit it and instead decided to go in a different direction. I created this tree, as a symbol of growth and learning. I am going to use this as my favicon, and perhaps within my site – but I am afraid of it being over cluttered.



I have decided to use the red and dark blue out of this kular wheel I generated.


I will also be using this green on buttons, which is linked into the favicon. I think this is brighter and more fresh than the middle color above.



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