Research (4): Optimising UX

What point is great design if users cannot navigate your website? I have learnt that it is important to integrate user’s needs into all development stages of a website.

J6Design emphasises the importance of finding the crossover link between users needs and business needs.

When design a site, J6Design says we should step into the users shoes to see what they want to get out the site. Ideally you want to look at current site analytics to observe what current users are doing on your site, and where they are going, so you can optimise their experience. However, not having access to this information (or when building a new site) this cannot be done.

Instead I imagined why someone would visit my site, who they would be, and what they would be looking for. This produced the following chart.

I am going to keep this brainstorm in mind when creating the homepage of my site – as Matt mentioned in class that the homepage should display or direct users to all the important information that they may be looking for.

When developing a site, SmashingMagazine recommends usability testing is carried out to ensure that potential users can find what they may be looking for. This is something I may investigate doing (when I actually get around to creating my site).

After carrying out testing and investigating user needs, through my research I have learnt that it is important to actually listen and take this information into account. Having previous designed pages and websites in this class I know that I am pretty stubborn surrounding my development and design – if I like the product then it’s good. But that isn’t actually the case. The easier your site is for your customers, the more likely they are to spend time on it and use it.

So i’m going to put extra effort into ensuring the site I create is user friendly, easy to navigate, and would not push away users.


2 thoughts on “Research (4): Optimising UX

  1. I’m volunteering to be a user tester 🙂

    Also, I know what you mean about being stubborn with design etc. I find that getting fresh perspective from people who don’t know anything about design or coding…is frustrating most of the time, but also helpful because they don’t see websites like we do.

    1. Thanks! Yes that is super frustrating. Especially little comments that would take so much coding and editing. I tend to not show anything to anyone because of that.

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