Research (2): Theme

I want to create an image gallery with pictures from Mt Ruapehu. I am just in the process of deciding on the images I am going to use, but in the mean time have been looking at ‘snow’ themed websites to get a feel of the design they give off. I want to create a simplistic photo gallery but also stick to what other ‘snow’ themes are like, without being too cheesy or obnoxious. No falling animated snow.

Typography: A few websites I have come across used strong, capital heavy typography ~ a style I quite like.

For example, sidewalkland has the cool (so punny) image below as their header, overlaid by heavy type. The image has been edited very interestingly, quite the opposite of what it is in reality. I’m not sure this would work in an image gallery.


mericanmade is an ad agency website with a mountain graphic in their header, also, with similar type. The clouds over the mountain background move which is so unnecessary but damn I wish I could do that. Although looking at the code, it just looks like two background images moving across pixels…. I think this would be too cluttered on an image gallery though.



TheThreeBees is a website for people who create “some brilliant, beautiful bullshit”. Their website is pretty, it also gives off a snowy, mountain vibe. Even though I’m not quite sure what exactly they do. Again, they have used big, strong, capitalised type. The section inserted below interested me – I like the layering of colour pictures on top of a black and white image. It is a little cluttery with the circles and box of text, but perhaps it is something I can draw inspiration from.



HelloMonday creates websites, and they created into the arctic, a snow themed website for GreenPeace. Below is an image of the site from their website, with an artic theme. Again, heavy type. I like their graphics too ~ not sure how that could be incorporated into an image gallery, though. I like the grey and teal colour theme. It goes well with the header image. I personally think the site has too many fonts in the small screenshot, so will stick to one or two fonts.






One thought on “Research (2): Theme

  1. I’m really loving the bold fonts in all of these, I also like the balance that each of the layouts have, this would be really interesting to see in your gallery.

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