Work In Progress: Update Two

Alternatively titled: Slow and steady wins the race? 

This week I have been focusing on other assignments, however, am mostly decided on the layout for my fluid theme. Bellow is a sketch up and I will get this made into a pixel specific mock up in the next couple of days, as well as decide on my fixed layout, the colour themes, and start designing the graphics.



8 thoughts on “Work In Progress: Update Two

  1. Hey I think this is looking really good, only problem is I remember Matt saying that he gave a guy an A instead of an A+ because he centered his paragraph. Just something to be aware of

    1. Yeah I remember him saying that, although I thought he was talking about centered paragraph text which looks gross. I want centered boxes of paragraphs, not centered text though. Thanks though!

    1. Thanks Jack! Oops I have to check the exact dimensions, but it’s supposed to be relatively the same size. I just got a little carried away drawing lil illustrations in the background.

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